Find your way forward

The change you need

High performance while taking care of your wellbeing

You know when something isn't right. But often it's not clear what to do about it. That's where coaching can help. Together, we will explore the issues, what needs to change, and what you can do.

It's completely confidential, with time focused completely on what you need. The sole purpose is to find what you need to feel confident about your way forward.

Want to stop doubting yourself?

Believe in yourself
Be kind to yourself

Getting in our own way stops us from achieving what we're capable of. You may find yourself stuck, telling yourself there are many things you should do, how you ought to behave, what you should prioritise. You might believe that what you truly want isn't possible for you to achieve.  

Together we can challenge these assumptions and find a way to embrace possibility.

A little about me

My purpose is to include the excluded on our shared path to living in harmony

Over a decade of experience working for businesses striving to make a positive change in the world, I do the same with my coaching. I am passionate about supporting impact focused people take better care of themselves while increasing their impact. Together we can unlock your untapped potential. 

As an accredited coach, experienced business leader, I'm committed to caring for people and our planet by supporting those of us working for a kinder, inclusive future in harmony with nature. 

The change I'm seeking in the world

Fulfilled people, living in harmony with nature

It brings me huge satisfaction supporting people to find their way forward when they are feeling stuck, lost or dissatisfied, at work or life.

Most people are tiredly trying to feel safe: pushing ourselves to achieve financial security, stretching ourselves in pursuit of physical health, hoping for good mental health and emotional security.

Find the direction you need to feel motivated, passionate about your goals. Get excited by your prospects.

We live in a society where we are taught that success is earning lots of money, looking attractive, fitting in, having kids, going on expensive holidays and shopping sprees, punctuated by joyful family gatherings. 

That isn't right for everyone. It certainly isn't right for me.

Our society is centred around economic growth, prioritising above all else the generation of profits for businesses. However, as our wealth has increased, and we consumer more, people are not happier than they were 50 years ago.

Following the wisdom of John Elkington, Michael Schumacher, Robin Wall Kimmerer, I know we can live more fulfilled lives in harmony with one another and our planet.

For me, what's important is helping people to feel seen, heard, powerful, valued. 

The WHO said stress is the epidemic of the 21st Century. When we are stressed we often struggle to be creative, to solve problems. Stress even stops our immune system functioning at its best. Stress stops us from being the best version of ourselves. But rather than designing our lives to reduce stress, we're increasingly subject to it, from the media, flexible working, and so much more.