About me

A little more about me, Ed and my journey so far



Ed's background and experiences

Accredited coach

Having spent many years coaching people as part of my work, in 2022 I set out to become an accredited coach. 

Supporting my team and colleagues through meaningful coaching conversations has always been my favourite part of my job, so I decided to hone the craft working with the Academy of Executive Coaching.

Experienced Leader

Aside from coaching, I am the head of marketing at Wahaca restaurants, where I sit on the executive board. 

I worked with Unilever for almost a decade, 6 years of which were in their wholly owned, separately managed B Corp businesses, Ben & Jerry's & Pukka herbs. There I learnt about leadership, management and business as a force for good.

Anxiety, insecurity, fear

During my work life I've gone through multiple periods of self doubt, anxiety and insecurity. At times I've pushed myself far beyond healthy limits to achieve work goals. I know how it feels when things are in flow at work, but also what it's like to need a radical change. 

People have helped me through though times, supporting me to make a change and become more resilient.

The power of rest

A weakness of mine is honouring my need for restorative rest. It's a lesson I've repeatedly been taught the hard way.

In work I'm action focused and driven to achieve. That means I've learnt through necessity the importance of space to think, to behold and rest.

Let me help you honour the rest you need.


Growing our awareness of what we want and need is at the centre of coaching. My reflective practice ebbs and flows, and the cost of letting it slip at times has led to periods of uncertainty, time wasted. 

Journaling is my preferred method to grow my own awareness of my mental state.

It's simple, free and available 24 / 7.


For over 5 years I've been investing in (almost) daily meditation. It helps me feel grounded and balanced. It provides an anchor to my day, focusing on how I can behave like the person I aspire to become. I study Kadampa Buddhism to learn from the Tibetan tradition of meditation as some of the world's most proficient meditators.   

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